'At the Table' with Chef Norberto Piattoni

Take a glimpse into the kitchen and dining spaces of restaurateurs, chefs, and other culinary personalities we admire, as they teach us how to elevate our own cooking and dining experiences.  Meet Chef Norberto Piattoni of Metta in Fort Greene, where he fires up a locally-driven menu over open flames in his kitchen.  Learn more about how he builds layers of flavor using fire and traditional preservation techniques on seasonal ingredients, along with his custom plateware and design collaborations for the restaurant.

Brand Stories: Franca

Go behind the scenes of brands you love, and brands you'll grow to love by getting to know the creative powerhouses that drive them.  This week, we chatted with Jazmin de la Guardia and Sierra Yip-Bannicq, founders of Franca, a design studio that showcases playful, minimalist ceramics inspired by their diverse backgrounds and their common passion for design.


Care + Maintenance: Cast-Iron Cookware

Master the basics of cleaning and maintaining your cast-iron cookware.



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